Almost all of the work on show in The Box Room on Open Studio Days is for sale and on those occasions work will be clearly priced. At other times prices for work shown on the web gallery are available on request.

Boxes are mostly priced between £150.00 for smaller works and maquettes to £350 for larger pieces. Combined works involving pairs of boxes are also available at higher prices - for example 'Tete a Tete' shown on the gallery page, a combination of two works in a portmanteau box is currently priced at just under £800.00. Each box is also available to purchase separately.

However, apart from works included in and for sale at Exhibitions or through Galleries such as Designs by Seed in Frome where prices are fixed for the duration of the exhibition or whilst being displayed by a gallery, the prices of boxes do vary whilst they are still in my possession and in my studio. This is because a work is still 'in progress' whilst there is still the possibility of making changes to a box, an opportunity to introduce new objects or to reconfigure existing works, opportunities which the artist sometimes takes advantage of to remake or reshape a work. Unlike Joseph Cornell, however, Robert does not reserve the right to make changes after the work is sold!

For this reason prices are not quoted against images on the website. However a firm and fixed price will be quoted by return on request for any work which is of interest. Similar works may also be available though only one variation is made of each work and this information will be given to you when you make contact. At the same time any issues about delivery can be discussed.